Words of Pet Wisdom
Pet owner ethics is simple
I am asked from time to time by pet owners curious about what is acceptable or abusive treatment of their pets. Folks want to know if using choke chains or shock collars on their pets is okay. Some people have asked me about disciplining their pets “Can I spank or pinch my pet?” Well, sure I guess you as an owner could do or use any of the things you are asking me about but here is my suggestion for you. Before acting upon a thought regarding your pet, stop… and think (“Would I do this to my own child?”). I truly believe “If you would not subject your own child to it, you should not subject your pet to it.” Assuming you care about children and have compassion for life, which is why you own a pet right? Simply ask yourself this question when considering solutions for your pet. Your character is judged by the way you treat your pets so treat them with love, compassion and understanding as if the whole world is watching.
James Flanagan
Friend of Retired Greyhounds 501(c)3