Words of Pet Wisdom
Rawhide wonders
We recently noticed that our greyhound was getting a buildup of plaque on her rear teeth. I try to brush her teeth several times a week but this was not solving the plaque problem. I took our greyhound into the vet and they said the buildup was extremely bad and we may want to arrange a sedation cleaning for her. Knowing greyhounds do not do well with sedation treatments I chose not to schedule the cleaning. I did some research and found that by giving our greyhound 2 or 3 rawhide treats a week could help the plaque buildup issue. We gave it a go and a month later the plaque was gone. Her teeth and gums looked amazing. Dog’s mouths were designed to chew through bone and rough surfaces on a regular basis in the wild, so the rawhide treatment makes sense. I will still have our greyhounds teeth checked regularly by a vet and continuing brushing her teeth but the rawhide treats work wonders to help keep a greyhounds mouth healthy.

James Flanagan
Friend of Retired Greyhounds 501(c)3