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Bailey Hundo – Preparation

June 1 and my training for the Bailey Hundo is well under  way. I have never competed in a 100 mile endurance race but I am ready to hit the trails on race day. My weeks have been littered with interval drills and 4 hour + MTB rides on the weekends. 2.5 more weeks until race day and I can already taste the bugs in my teeth. I am really bad at hurry up and wait. Lets get this party started!

2011 Season Planning

I have been trying to figure out which races I want to do for the 2011 season. There are so many races I want to do but I have whittled them down to just a few. On the top of my list, is the Colorado Trail Race a monster 500 mile unsupported absurdly epic journey. The race starts in Denver, CO and ends in Durango, CO following the Colorado Trail. There are no prizes, points, or welcoming committee for finishers, just the comfort of knowing the episodes of Man v.s. Wild that you watched in the off season finally paid off.

Here are a few other great events I want to attend this season.

Front Range 60 Endurance Race – May 7th, 2011 –

Bailey Hundo June 18th, 2011

Fire craker 50 Brenkenridge july 4th
Breckenridge 100 Cross Country Mountain Bike Challenge Breckenridge, Colorado Saturday July 16, 2011

Ready 4 some cross

This time of year the cow bells start ringing and mud becomes fashionable.CX Bike

You might be a cyclist if….

You might be a cyclist if…. Your water bottlesBottles out number the glasses in your kitchen!

Fall colors in the Rocky Mountains…

Rocky MTN colors
Rocky MTN colors

Fall colors in the Rocky Mountains…

2010 InterBike Fun

InterBike 2010

InterBike 2010

Packing my bags for InterBike. I can’t wait to see what is going to hit the market for 2011. Demo Days will just be the cream on top..

Lake View

Cherry Creek Res

Cherry Creek Res

50 mile road ride through Denver today. Finished up with a picturesque view of Cherry Creek Res.